Rex LF Low Fluor Gliders

Forget everything you previously knew about Rex LF waxes!

Our completely new LF series for season 2018 brought the the R&D innovations introduced with our HF-series gliders to an economical level. The yellow, blue and green versions cover all typical conditions and specially formulated black and pink waxes for new and old snow complete the series.Compared to HF series gliders, the LF series are also slightly easier to apply. Also available in 200g service line packaging.


LF Pink / Old Snow


A specialty wax formulated for old snow. Similar to our legendary RCF Pink, but with updated raw materials from our HF-series. Suitable for a wide temperature range, as the snow type is more important than temperature.


LF Yellow

Hard for a yellow wax, but still easy to apply. A little bit softer than HF11 Yellow.

LF Blue


A great all-rounder like all Rex blue paraffins. The LF Blue is a wax that we always use as a benchmark wax in our testing. The standard that all others are judged against.


LF Green


A hard and non-oily wax for the coldest temperatures.


LF Black

A graphite wax for new snow. Like the LF Pink, the LF Black has been formulated especially for the snow type rather than temperature. The hardness of the wax is between LF Blue and Yellow, as new snow requires a slightly softer wax for best glide. LF Black is the new black!

Applying Rex Gliders (Hot Waxing)

Standard hot waxing procedure using Rex Gliders.

  1. Melt wax onto the base
  2. Apply the glide wax as an even layer
  3. Keep the iron moving to prevent damaging the ski base
  4. Scrape the excess glide wax off
  5. Brush with horsehair brush (opening up the base structure is easier while the wax is still warm, especially when using harder gliders: blue, green, black)
  6. Let the ski cool down
  7. Finish with a nylon brush and wipe with a cloth